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Love's Gonna Live Here Again, Nov. 12, 2016

I was smiling a lot last night, and with good reason. Alphie and Tracy Hyorth, along with Patrick Ian Hackney and Mary Katherine O'Donnell, gave my one-act work-in-progress a decidedly professional sit-down rendering before a discerning group. Many thanks to Alphie and Tracy for putting together the excellent cast and presentation. We discussed the play after the reading, and I talked about the direction I hope to take the piece, which includes adding songs to the play. The salon

environment, I think, was just right for a project at this stage of development.


If you'd like to watch some professional actors give my current stage play project a reading, this is your chance. The salon begins at 7:00 p.m. Please call me ahead of time, 251-0733, so I can make sure you have a place to sit. This will be a wine and cheese event, and I expect to have a special guest there, Penny Spencer, who directed a version of this play (under a different title) in Los Angeles a long time ago.

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