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Music Historian Bill Kopp, Sept. 24, 2016

Ever wondered what ? is like in person? Bill Kopp knows, because he’s not only seen ? and the Mysterians (remember “96 Tears”) perform live, he’s interviewed ? himself. And last night we at the salon heard all about that bizarre interview, and the unexpectedly insightful one with Paul Stanley of KISS, and others from among the hundreds he has conducted. Bill also shared delightful anecdotes from his lifetime of experiences in and around the music business. And I do mean a lifetime: when other kids were aspiring to be firemen and astronauts, eight-year-old Bill Kopp already imagined himself as a music historian.

Bill kept the evening hopping by interspersing bits of some of the recordings he was discussing, and engaging us in the conversation with prompts and questions about our own impressions and experiences with pop, rock, jazz and soul. He read entertaining and instructive snippets from his own articles, interviews and blogs, and I defy anyone to ask him a question about the last fifty years of popular music that he cannot answer elaborately! It’s safe to say we all came away with enhanced appreciation and knowledge of the world of music and some of the personalities dwelling therein.

Here’s a link to Bill’s blog, on which Bill has supplied reviews, interviews, and articles every single business day since the blog’s launch in 2009.

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