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Communique #2

Although the salon events might look a bit like performances before an audience, they are really tools designed specifically by the artists to help themselves with some aspect of their work. There are times when an artist can benefit from a small gathering of individuals who are there to help -- whether the help consists of criticizing a specific work, or simply listening with honest ears, or being guinea pigs for something -- it's hard to imagine all the needs that might be met. Arny wanted to hear his play read out loud so he'd know what it sounded like from outside his head. Bill, whose work is mainly read on computer screens by his many subscribers, wanted to put himself in front of live people and see how that felt. Nick, who has performed plenty in front of big audiences, wanted to see how an intimate group reacted to his describing an aspect of his work, and how that felt to him.

Who, then, should make up these groups? Clearly that depends on the artist's needs. Possible investors, maybe. Novice potters. Average theater-goer types, or people who are "of the theater." The artist doing the salon would certainly want to form the group that is right for them. This is why I've emphasized that the salon is not a ready-made audience (like subscribers or members) looking for an event; it is made of events for which individual groups are purposely fitted.

Okay, the concept is just a little foreign. I'm reaching out to artists and having them ask themselves if there might be some aspect of their work that can be salved or enhanced or otherwise helped through one of these small gatherings. I ask for your help in finding such people. Are you one? Do you know an actor who would like to do an audition piece for friends (or fellow professionals, or...) perhaps without the pressure of an actual audition situation? Do you know a singer/songwriter who would like to try out some material in a room a bit cozier or friendlier than an open mic night? Do you know a poet who would like to read to some strangers or some friends or some publishers or...? A painter who'd like to hang some paintings for an evening? (Yes, we could do that.) A novelist who doesn't want to read anything at all, but maybe talk about a new concept with some other writers. Or one who does want to read something, or have it read. I don't think we know about all the issues artists deal with; I don't think the artists themselves always know. So again, I'll be reaching out, and if you can too, it can only help.

I'm available and eager to talk. 828-251-0733 or contact me from the home page

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