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Bistra Hristova: Bulgarian Photographer Feb. 24, '17

Bistra Hristova is a first generation Bulgarian American. She has lived in the USA for almost 20 years now but she is still deeply connected to her Bulgarian culture. Bistra's brief presentation Sense of Place will create a sense of place for Bulgaria through Bistra's personal photographs, through stories and folk songs. While we watch and listen, let's contemplate on the importance of place in our search for personal/artistic/literary identity. Here are some initial questions, which can give us some direction for our discussion: Are we "genetically" connected to the place where we are born or raised and how strong is the influence of that genetic connection? Are we shaped more by our geography/nature or by the society/culture in our places? Do we carry that influence through life in our personal behavior and as artists/writers/musicians? In our day and age when people move across lands and oceans with ease, do we even feel connected to a place and is it important any more?

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