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Sirois on Research an Emotional Lesson

Soft spoken, tall and professorial, Michael Sirois began his information-packed presentation with the aid of a meticulously organized Power Point presentation. Though I saw people trying to jot down some of the valuable research sources Michael was discussing, it wasn't necessary, since he also provided each attendee with a DVD containing the presentation's slides as well as a complete copy of his novel, The Jagged Man.

The discussion took a decidedly more poignant turn as Michael showed how a number of the research sources he listed were relevant to his own work on the non-fiction book he's currently writing. The book is part of an effort to gain freedom, or at least a new trial, for his brother, who was incarcerated for a crime Michael is convinced he did not commit. The pieces of the argument Michael is making for a miscarriage of justice were quite convincing, and I felt that many who were there last night will be anxious to see the work when it's published.

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