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Communique #3

Since we didn't have an event in February, I'd like to say hello to you all and update you on things salon.

You may remember my post almost a year ago in which I expressed the hope that we could get New York-based playwright Stuart Warmflash here to do a salon event. I'm very pleased to report that I'll be announcing such an event officially in just a few days. I already know the date will be March 29, but the announcement will have full information about the event itself.

In April, the date not yet determined, we're having a salon with a talented young sculptor from Mexico, J. P. Barreda. It's looking very much like the salon will include displays of several of his sculptures. I have seen photos of his work and can assure you this is an event that will excite and inspire, so stand by for a full announcement.

Last night I attended Bill Kopp's first public reading and discussion of his book, "Reinventing Pink Floyd." Bill led our very first official salon back in 2016, and more recently conducted a "dry run" reading/discussion of his then about-to-be-released book at the salon, anticipating his planned bookstore events. I've been to many readings at Malaprops, but never one so packed with enthusiastic people. I didn't stay around for the book signing after the Q&A because I already had my signed copy and that place was crowded! But I can tell you Bill is enthusiastic, entertaining, incredibly knowledgable about his subject, and a hoot to listen to and just be around. I'm halfway through the meticulously researched and well-written book today and can highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in Pink Floyd, one of the most influential rock bands to come out of the sixties.

If you haven't attended any of the salons at the Microscopic Theater, please keep an eye on this blog about it and the emails I send out announcing the events. If you're on my mailing list, you are involved in the arts, and you may find an event of interest to you. Remember that the salon exists for the artists who conduct the events. We welcome any artist who would like to create an event, whether it's a reading or showing, a discussion, a performance, a rehearsal, or some format nobody has heretofore conceived.

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