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Warmflash's 'Theory of Love' Proven

You're a young professional woman waiting for your train in an almost abandoned train station, when you're approached by a stranger who needs his traveler's check cashed. Thus begins Stuart Warmflash's charming and poignant one-acter "Tyler's Theory of Love." Our reading of the play was a sit-down, quickly rehearsed presentation, yet the play's emotional dynamic and the playwright's sharp storytelling shined right out! Stuart led a lively discussion immediately after the reading, in which we covered the topic of the theatre experience compared to other audience/performer experiences, especially movies.

A veteran of over thirty-five years in the theatre, including writing and directing plays in New York City and elsewhere, Stuart was a real treat for the Microscopic. Thanks so much, Stuart, for making your way from a busy life in the big city to visit the salon!

This play will soon be available as a Muleboot Press publication to salon attendees.

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