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Barreda's Alligator, Shoebill & Swordfish 'Rock' Double-sized Salon Crowd

JP Barreda staging his sculptures at the Microscopic Theater last Saturday

Our April 28th salon featured three sculptures from J P Barreda's Mesedoras (rocking chairs) series. The sculptures, which are re-workings of all the parts of rocking chairs, drew exclamations of approval from the double-sized crowd in attendance, and sparked lively conversations throughout the evening. I asked J P about the significance of the rocking chairs having been discarded and in derelict condition when he acquired them. He explained the significance of an artist's relationship to the materials with which he creates, and made it clear how very different the work would be if, for example, he used new rocking chairs in this series instead of these old "found" ones. His answer to my question was both simple and quite profound.

In the photo above, J P is placing a rendering of the rocking chair (in its original form) used for the sculpture. Each sculpture is accompanied by a rendering of the particular chair that was used.

You can view high quality photos of the three sculptures at and I would encourage you to do so!

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