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Communique #1

Last April Cindy and I hosted a reading of Arny Kendall’s new play, “Waiting for the Big O,” at our house. The reading was timed to coincide with Arny’s visit in Asheville, so he and his wife Vicky were present, along with several other people including Asheville actors Alphie Hyorth and Tracy Dowd Hyorth who did the reading for us. The event was such a delightful experience for all of us that I soon afterwards began to contemplate doing more such “salons,” the basic impetus being to serve whatever artist – whether playwright, poet, writer, musician, painter, or other art practitioner – according to their needs. Whereas Arny’s event included a reading and then discussion of the play, another artist might want simply to perform their poetry for a gathering of friends, or have a small showing of their sculptures and invite some gallery people, or present an idea for a new work and ask for discussion. I’m sure I don’t know what all the needs are that might be met in a small, cordial venue. For this salon, there are no rules per se. Each event will be unique, defined by the artist, and the only parameters are the physical limitations of my home. We have a daylight basement space we’re calling The Microscopic Theatre, and let’s just say that Arny’s two-character play filled up the performance space, and those eight or so of us who watched, were seated comfortably. We could do more people, but seating would get somewhat less cushy for some. Cindy and I provided wine and cheese, and we will always be happy to do that unless the presenting artist doesn’t want it for their event. The space is intimate, so there’s no need to amplify vocals or acoustic instruments, but we have a big screen in the room and can play DVDs, CDs, cassettes, and VHS tapes if they are part of a presentation. I’m hoping to archive these events electronically. Although no money will be involved (and no hat passed), poets/writers will be welcome to display and sell or give out chapbooks or books, musicians can do the same with CDs, etc., painters/sculptors are free to make sales as far as I’m concerned, but we aren’t set up as a business of any kind, and that is not our focus. There is a nice little wooden table near the wine and cheese bar that we can use for this. In fact, I’ll probably have my book for sale. I’m sending you this because you are in the arts and I feel there’s a chance you might wish to do one of these events, or at least come to one or more of them. I know I’m leaving many unanswered questions, some of which probably haven’t even occurred to me. Please feel free to call me or email me if you are even a little curious, but especially if you’d like to consider doing a presentation. I’d like to do one of these each month, beginning in September. We’ll see how it works out. Here’s my contact info: email phone that a machine usually answers 828-251-0733 my cell phone 828-620-9680 The Fields of Stubble (aka The Square Foot) wherein resides The Microscopic Theatre: 144 Murdock Avenue, Asheville 28801 I hope to hear from you! — Jerry Stubblefield

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